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Execution of feed house is done by hand.

Unique design

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Copper or Zinc

The housings are made of Copper or Zinc

In gardens and parks, the birds bring life and many small experiences. With a good home for them and a meal every now and then, you are assured of good neighbors who always like to stop by.

Strimmelhuset is Danish design and craftsmanship created from traditional and thoroughly tested materials.

With the strip house, you are guaranteed a piece of craftsmanship that will last for many years. A house for the garden’s birds that can cope with the Danish weather and only get more beautiful from it.

2 versions of the same product –
Matt copper or Patinated zinc.

1. The strip housing in copper

Copper is an orange-red shiny metal when the houses are produced.

Once the house is made, they are matt sanded and assembled with the bottom.

In about a month, they begin to get the brown color.

2. The strip housing in patinated zinc

Zinc is a bluish-white shiny metal when the houses are produced.

To get the matte gray color, they are patinated, partly in liquid, and by standing outside for up to a year before they get the right color. Only then do they come together with the bottom.

History and prices


Since bird life in the garden is a great pleasure, I have always made sure to keep the birds with the help of feeding places where seeds are laid out every day.

Over the years, many houses have been added. So therefore I got the idea to make a feed house, which is both durable, but which also becomes more beautiful when the patina of time reflects on the material,
a different birdhouse than the ones we are usually used to seeing, and it became the Strip House.


The houses are made of patinated zinc or matt copper.

Weight approx. 4½ kg.
Diameter approx. 50 cm.
Height approx. 45 cm.
The houses are made in 2 models. With and without hook at the top.
Both houses can be mounted on a post. (not included)

Zinc with zinc frame
around waterproof wooden base – DKK 1,800.-

Copper with copper frame
around waterproof wooden base – DKK 2,800.-

Post – DKK 300.-
Post with foot – DKK 950.-

If you have the post yourself, you can buy a piece of copper or zinc for mounting on top of the post.
Copper accessories for pole – DKK 100.-
Zinc accessory for pole – DKK 100.-

Copper hooks for hanging – DKK 100.-
Zinc chain for hanging – DKK 50.-

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